iTestTM (Inquiry Technology of Education for Students and Teachers) is a collaborative Cyber-learning tool that help engage learners and instructors in constructive learning explorations and inquiries delivered in classroom, online, and informal education settings. The tool provides a wide variety of applications including flexible assignments, formative and summative assessment, and real-time polling (clicker function), which are developed based on the current advancement in the learning science to promote learner centered inquiry based education. Using iTest, students can conduct self-paced learning to target specific learning needs and to facilitate the completion of a formal course. Teachers can use iTest to create an engaging course by transforming the passive classroom into a collaborative setting for peer-based inquiry learning and to deliver effective teaching by utilizing the just-in-time formative assessment. The development of the iTest system is overseen by a group of scientists and education researchers at the Ohio State University. The iTest.Me website is being upgraded and will be fully functional before the Autumn semester starts. If you like to use iTest for your class, please check back soon.

    Access the iTest Web Application